Our aim is to empower people to achieve their goals through health and fitness.

  • BHD 120
    8 sessions package (Single) Single

Book Taekwondo or Kickboxing personal classes for females, children and families with Master Shaden

  • BHD 15
    10:00 60 min

Ladies Personal Training can now be found on Tamarran !

  • BHD 80
    10:00 5 session package

Anna's Beautiful words - I’m extremely passionate about exercise and unlocking not just mine but everyone’s full potential – from building base line good technique, to building fitness and strength. She constantly like to challenge myself and others and keep myself updated and researched about new trends and thinking in the fitness industry. This keeps the training relevant, fresh and fun. You can go further than you thought you could when someone believes in you and guides you in the right direction – I’m happy to be that person and give you that push.

  • BHD 25
    Single Session 1 Session